I get it.

You’re in a place where you feel trapped in a conventional and corporate existence, with no ‘out’ and you’re finding yourself living from holiday to holiday, weekend to weekend…

You’re frustrated beyond belief that the pay-check at the end of the month, the rent payments and the expectations of others seemed to be the only things you’re focusing on.

You’ve got dreams and a vision of the future that is so much more than this, and yet you have no idea where to start, as you sure as hell can’t leave the day job right now.

You’re feeling uninspired, exhausted and undervalued. 

You know that there must be more to life than this. 


But somewhere along the way, you’ve lost you. 

If this is you now, if you’re in this exact place, you’re right where I was several years ago.

I’m here to tell you…there is another way. 


I know how scary it is to invest in yourself, and to feel like this is an impossible dream.

I had a moment. A moment in time, where I realised that I no longer wanted anyone else to hold all the cards. That it was time to live. To grab hold of what I wanted with both hands and to empower myself to make my world look how I wanted it to look, and feel how I wanted it to feel. 

I found a job I loved. I stepped into it, and I’m still there seven years later.

I qualified as a certified business and life coach whilst in my full time job and that was two years ago. 


I used the skills, confidence and resources I was learning to create a new world that I never thought possible for me. A world in which I value self care first, and where I embrace the fact that anything is possible. 

I crafted a business that focuses on work that will shift your whole soul, through tried and tested strategies. 

I am coach, mentor, empowerment guru and fairy godmother. 

I  help women all over the world go from Corporate to Creative, Employed to Entrepreneur. 

I help you craft your life into a clear vision, positive, purposeful action, brilliance and balance. 


What does this look like in reality? 

  • We figure out where you’re at now, and work out where you want to be.
  • We look at what personal and professional success looks like to you and what you want to create.
  • We look at all those beliefs, blocks and mindset gremlins that are holding you back.
  • We take an audit of ALL the stuff in your home, life and personal space.
  • We do a clear out of your finances (and talk debt!) and start making the dream a reality
  • We empower you with a new, positive and powerful daily routine
  • You join a community of women who believe in collaboration and not competition.
  • You change your world, and in doing so, change the world around you. 


You feel:

  • Calm and focused, brimming with energy and focusing towards your future.
  • You understand and embody the power you hold as an individual to create positive change in your world, whenever you want to.
  • You empower yourself to know that ANYTHING is possible. 



I am certified Soul & Strategy Coach - and EVERY, single thing  I teach comes from personally experiencing a block, and moving past it to purposeful, positive action. 

My soulmate client has a background in corporate business, but are naturally creative souls that aspire to more than the daily grind of a 9-5. 

They're independent, free spirited, high achievers, who have been stifling their dreams and goals for years as they've been stuck in convention.

They’re women who are a little bit special, completely people focused, hard working, multi-juggling, positive, upbeat and enthusiastic...but stuck as to what to do next. 

I welcome and attract fun, upbeat, smart, kind, high vibe women with specific goals that they want to reach…

I help you build genuine and authentic lives and businesses that enable you to pursue YOUR passion and purpose…and nobody else’s. 

Do you want something different?



I want a brilliant future right NOW!

If so…



_MG_9738 2.jpg
I loved the pure, powerful energy that I felt during and especially after our session. I walked away feeling so clear and focused on who I am and what I wanted to achieve both personally and professionally.

My session with Els felt like a retreat for my mind. Processing through all the areas of my life, being challenged and offered to grow with the kindest of comments and most empathic of nudges.

Els’ coaching was so much more then just practical. It brought me the clarity and growth I needed to step into 2018 with momentum instead of fears driving me. My energy was lifted and I connected with the key reminder of who I am and what I am here to do. Pure restoration for the mind and spirit.

— Fenella