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small but mighty

One issue

One hour

All sorted in one power hour

I was stuck. Completely stuck. 

Several weeks ago now, I was brainstorming something with my coach. We had one hour, and I had a major mission I needed a breakthrough on. 

The topic was something that had been on my mind for ages. 

I’d tried all the usual - brainstorming on my own, my post-it note tricks where I got everything that was in my head out of it onto the wall via post-it notes, all to no avail. I’d trawled back through various e-courses, pulled up articles I’d saved for just this moment, but… nothing. 

We took one hour. This hour I spent with her cleared my head, and set me on to action that has resulted in this…the creation of the POWER HOUR!

Do you know? It was SUCH a relief to have that block cleared, to gain some clarity and to step forward after our session.

If it made such a difference to me - it started me thinking -  would this be something that could help my clients? 

The POWER HOUR is designed to tackle the one thing that is currently holding you back, 
in one hour.



YOU will receIve

A personalised questionnaire that pings into your inbox. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief. Finally…you can sense you’re going to make progress and you’re in safe hands.


Once that's all done

Another magical link will appear, this will let you book your session.



On the big day

Pour yourself your favourite hot beverage, settle down somewhere warm and quiet and your Skype call will begin.


one week later

You'll send me a quick check-in email to let me know how you're getting on implementing the strategies we discussed!


After your session

You’ll get an email that re-caps your session, the actions you agreed are right for you, and some personalised recommendations from me, that will help you move forward with the topic you chose.


By the end of your session...

You’ll have a completely different perspective on what has been holding you back. You’ll no longer have that feeling that you want to give up, because you’ve no idea as to what to do next - instead, you’ll be excited to take some action towards your goal, and you’re mindset has moved from ‘let me just hide under the duvet,’ to ‘I am officially brilliant and all powerful and I CAN do this!!’

Some power hour topics I've helped others with recently include..

  • What is 2017 going to look like for your business?
  • Why am I self sabotaging my own success?
  • Guess what you’re running a business!
  • Do I even want to run a business?
  • How on earth do I balance working in my day job and creating a business?

You’ll feel calm and in control - with a positive outlook. 

Sound like a plan? Keen to get started? Where do you sign?


INVESTMENT: £250 gbp