I’m Els.


I’m a Strategy and Soul Coach for women entrepreneurs who want to  take their lives and businesses to the next level of brilliance. 

I work as a Catalyst, a Creator, a Trailblazer and a Fairy Godmother. 

I am all of these and more.


I work with strategy to quell the gremlin in your head who wants to just ‘get stuff done’ so that we can move to the heart and soul of who you are as a person.

Once we do this….the magic happens. 

I teach you how to come from a place of intuition and joy rather than just living in the endless pressure that you’ve been putting on yourself up to this point. 


I take you from: 

Dream to Reality

Reality to Balance

Balance to Brilliance.


I’ve walked the path of Corporate to Creative, Employed to Entrepreneur. 

I’ve been stuck in a horrible circle of corporate control and golden handcuffs, living pay-check to pay-check. 

I now have an amazing job which I run alongside my business. I get to work for a company I’m passionate about AND live my calling.

This was the part of me that was a Corporate Dreamer to a Creative Soul. 

I have also been that person who moved from Full Time Employed to Entrepreneur


Turning the skill I loved into a fully functioning, international business that I believe in more strongly than anything I’ve ever done before?

Getting in debt in order to create a dream that was initially just in my head but that I believed in so strongly?

Professionally certifying as a coach whilst in my full time?

Working through the self doubt and comparison traps of being an entrepreneur, whilst opening myself up to being vulnerable on social media?




But….all of it 100% worth it, when I see what results my clients get.


One who is now travelling the world and charging over $35k to work with her dream 1:1 clients…

I don't know how Els did it but she was exactly what I needed at that time we've met. She enabled me to make a big leap forwards - in every area of my life. I'm feeling so blessed that I've had the opportunity to be supported by her.


The client that left her day job to create her own super successful VA and Design Business, that this year posted her first five figure tax return.

With her guidance I was able to quit my job and go full-time in my business within 3 months. This month (month 9 in business) I have just hit my annual target of £22,000 profit. She has helped me build a 5 figure business in a matter of months.


One who cleared over thirty bags of excess stuff she’d been holding on to for years, stepped out of the space of ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘brave enough’ to having beautiful, inspiring photos taken, creating her own brand, and launching her own subscription box service. 

‘I don’t think I could have come up with all of the ideas for the business or envisaged what I am now working towards creating without first letting go…’


One who moved to a new city and created a new life for herself in just two years, including successfully envisioning and launching a  brand that now supports and empowers creative women business owners from all over the UK and beyond. 

Thank you for believing in me and helping me get to where I am today. Your sessions have been the most valuable tool I have used during the year. 

Happy Wednesday lovely Els you are an inspiration and I am so so happy to have you in my life!





So many clients say - I don’t know how she does it, but I do.


I trust in my intuition, experience, knowledge and training and channel it at you, so you can unearth and step into your future.

If it’s time for you to put aside ALL the many excuses you’ve been making and make stuff happen…

It’s time for you to: