Progress vs Perfection


This article was published in the Magnificent Living Magazine in the Fall Edition over in the US, but I thought it was time to share it with you lovely lot! This seems an appropriate theme at this time of year. Enjoy!


Let’s teach our daughters to worry less about fitting into glass slippers, and more about shattering glass ceilings.”

Melissa Marchonna - Digital Marketer - New York Jets.

How many times over your lifetime have you stopped yourself undertaking something that if you'd faced and overcome the fear might have turned out to be magnificent?

What if you’d taken just one step - a leap of faith - to see what happened? 

I took that one step. 

Was it terrifying? Yes. Does it continue to be terrifying on a daily basis? Certainly. Will I keep going? Absolutely.

I could have happily lived every day in convention - for the rest of my days. Successful career, lovely house and family, smile plastered on, doing what was expected of me by society as a middle class, Type A woman.

'But then something else came along - a sense of purpose. It wouldn't go away.' 

The only way to make this happen - was to teach myself to let go of perfection and focus on progress. If I had remained focused on perfection - the fear of imperfection alone would have held me back from stepping into the light. 

During the last eighteen months, and despite my sixty hour work week and one hundred mile daily commute, I’ve certified as a Professional Business Coach, we’ve moved home, I’ve flown to California and back for a career experience (I’m based in the UK,) created a garden from a field, whilst also currently training for a triathlon, planning my wedding and establishing my dream business. 

I’m now able to work with clients from all over the world, and celebrate with them as they create their new realities, their new businesses and their definitions of success. The next mission, will be stepping away from the corporate world which has both nurtured and cocooned me for the last fourteen years, and wholeheartedly embrace entrepreneurship. 

I’ve managed all of this because I’ve faced the fear of breaking out of convention, andasked myself daily: 

‘What is the one step I can take today, to move me closer to my dreams?’

I’ve challenged myself to set a vision, to fiendishly organise my time, to address how purposeful I’m being on social media, to embrace delegation and outsource the non essential. I’ve had to accept that done is better that not, that in all this madness a positive mindset and focus on wellness are non negotiable, and that persistence and resilience are key. 

'How many Cinderella’s out there never made it to the ball - because their foot didn't fit perfectly in the glass slipper?' 

Or - to view it from a different perspective, the people that surrounded them physically or metaphorically chose to tell them that their foot would never fit the glass slipper?

How many Cinderella's never stepped into the pumpkin carriage because they'd not finished unloading the laundry and the fridge needed cleaning? Or decided that Prince Charming would just have to wait as Cinderella was too busy juggling the day job, the commute, the household, the parents and the kids? 

If you were to sit down with your Fairy Godmother beside you right now what would she say?

What are you trying to create?

What would make the difference for you?

What are you too scared to try, but keep on returning to, as it’s calling you too loudly to ignore?

She might also add…in a loud stage whisper: 

'Now throw away those glass slippers…they were never comfortable, and shattering glass ceilings is far more fun!'

Action negates fear. 

The challenge to be perfect can hold you back from taking even one step into progress.

Don’t let perfection stop you.

Let it inspire you to greatness.