Why Hire A Coach?


This journey started for me, around four years ago. I was searching for a sense of purpose, of belonging, of - I know I have something I’m aiming for and moving towards, but I’m just struggling to define the exact direction in which I’m heading. Cue - a coach, that walked into my life, and gave me more clarity and purpose in one hour than I’d had in ten years. So, I was hooked. This was exactly what I wanted to do - this was the vision.

So, in the simplest terms - a coach is someone that you employ to walk alongside you on your path, whatever that might be, to help you gain clarity and direction over where you are headed. 

They are not a consultant, in the sense that they don’t give you a solution, and then leave you to implement it (with the greatest respect to my consultancy friends)

They’re different from a counsellor, in that they take you where you are in the here and now, face you forward, and challenge you to walk towards your goals. They rarely, if ever dwell on the past, other than to help you make sense of something that is holding you back.

They’re also not a mentor (although - often there are elements of mentorship) because they respect, trust and believe, that the best possible person to create the answers that you seek, is you. Much as they as a coach may well have been in a similar situation - we teach best what we have experienced ourselves, they understand that you and your situation are exactly that - yours.

So coaching is a profession in which we help you to create a self sufficient way of being. We ask questions to help you clarify where you want to head. We can help you to define and create goals, and then move you to action on those goals, holding you accountable and yes, kicking your behind when you don’t move a muscle…all stuff we do…regularly!

The power is in the presence of someone who is there as a detached and yet involved entity in your world. Someone whose business is all about the service they offer to you - in other words your success as a business and actually more to the point - a person, is entirely what gets us out of bed in the morning. It’s a complete privilege to move people to action, and from there, help them to create their success. 


So we’re involved, but we’re detached. It’s not advice giving, like you'd get from your family or friends - ‘well I would take this approach because otherwise it’s likely this would happen…’ From a coach, you’d expect more of: ‘Tell me more about this situation - what exactly is it about this work colleague that’s causing a problem for you…’ or, ‘how do you want your business to look every week’ or, ‘it sounds as if your routine is causing you stress…what one thing could you change this week to take your feelings about your business from a 2 out of 10 to a 5 out of 10?’

Its about allowing you to describe your wildest dreams, the ones you tell yourself will never happen and then asking you ‘why not?’ 

It’s about giving an objective viewpoint about the thing that matters most to you as a business owner, your business. It’s about getting you to express your biggest fears, to actually speak them out loud and then not let you run. Instead get you to stand there and really look at what it is that scaring you - and then you know what: we make a plan. And then we run at it together, we make it happen, and we both celebrate your success. Its incredible, and it works.


SUCH a good question! There are a whole heap of people out there offering coaching services. Many of them are incredibly talented and have great skills to offer you. Generally you need to figure out what it is you’re looking for. Is it Life Purpose? For your Business? Leadership? To be a more confident female entrepreneur? Clarity? 

Once you’ve got this, start to explore - ask around, get personal recommendations from people. For me, it was incredibly important I certified. There is an International Coaching Body - the International Coaching Federation, and I chose to put myself through a programme where I qualified as a Professionally Certified Coach (mine was iPec) This was important to me so I knew I could stand up and talk from a credible vantage point. I work under a code of ethics, I’ve been mentored, and held up to a standard so I know that I provide an incredible service and value. This was a personal choice, and not necessarily right for everyone - just very important to me. 

At the very least, you want someone who you connect with wholeheartedly, who has great recommendations from other clients, and who WALKS THEIR TALK. If they’re someone who is a business coach - they need to have run a business! I know it sounds really silly, but it’s important to ask these questions. You will be investing, both your time, your money and your energy, and your coach and you need to be a great fit. At the very least - make sure you are able to have a complimentary session (with no ‘catches!’) so that you can check you’re getting the service you need. 


Well - I’m doing it. I’m a Professionally Certified Coach - running my own Coaching Practice, and spending time working with a huge variety of businesses and entrepreneurs. I love running workshops, connecting with people all over the world, and watching my clients create success! One of them is just launching her first online course, another has just landed her dream client, another changed her way of life entirely, moving away from a negative thought pattern that has plagued her her whole life. Its a privilege and an honour and I love every minute that I’m coaching. 

Good luck on your journey.

If you have questions or comments just email me: els@elspontin.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Els x