Magic World Mastermind


Magic World Mastermind is a six month, life-changing, group programme for women creating and running their own businesses and brands.



  • Do you dream about being surrounded by a group of Super positive, enthusiastic, high vibe women that just ‘get it?’

  • Would you love to have access to personalised recommendations and resources, tailor made for you, rather than having to hunt for what you need?

  • How would it feel to Be Supported by an awesome coach, who knows you, is invested in your success, and just as determined as you are to get you there?

  • Would it be brilliant to have a one on one session from a social media expert to finally get some personalised tips for your marketing?


Magic World Mastermind will be perfect for you. 

  • You know you have game changing work to do that will impact far more lives than just yours.

  • You know you have amazing gifts to share but you’re struggling to get the strategy and the soul side of it working alongside each other.

  • You are finding marketing authentically really tough and most days you can’t work out where to start.

  • You get lost on social media just trying to figure out what to do next and  comparing yourself to everyone else.

  • You need to find a way to boost your confidence so that you push through the fear and take consistent action, even on the tough days. 

  • You already have a business that you're earning from, but now you want it to feel easier, calmer and simpler. 

  • You want to have a life that you're enjoying, rather than a business thats draining all of your energy and enthusiasm.



Focused simplicity. 
A clear vision
Purposeful action
Brilliance and balance in your life and business. 

 You’ll know where you’re heading and have a clear plan in place for the next six to twelve months

 You’ll be clear on your vision for both your business and your life

you'll understand the "WHY" behind what you’re doing.

 You’ll have met a fantastic group of women who will continue to be there to support and encourage you as you move forward. 

 You’ll have had a one to one session with me to get any questions you have answered. 

 You’ll have had a one hour consultation with Social Media Strategist Social Maggie. This is a 60-minute video call specifically designed to benefit your business & social media presence. Includes recommended hashtags, post ideas, description updates, profile suggestions, tips and tricks, and engagement strategies to boost your engagement and followers.(your instagram will look TOTALLY AWESOME!!!)

 You’ll have figured out your best ways of working to include an organised day/week/month/year that is freeing and not exhausting

You’ll have done an audit of your whole environment to clear the clutter and enjoy calm simplicity in your life AND business

 You’ll have tips and tricks to overcome procrastination and move to action on a consistent basis. 


Hi! I'm Els and I’m a certified Soul & Strategy coach for women entrepreneurs who are building the lives and businesses of their dreams. 

I work with independent, creative, resilient women who have a dream they want to go after and are driven to create results to make this happen. 

You believe that you can do this, no matter what, and you’re going to keep going until you get there kind of a person!

You want freedom in how you spend your days, finances that support you in your ideal lifestyle and ultimately to be able to give back to those less fortunate. 

It is all of this that drives you and not just money. 

• I am super talented at cutting through the noise in your head and hearing what you really want (not just what everyone tells you you want.)
• I love helping you clearly define your version of success.
• I enable you to create tangible steps, an outline and a plan to get you there.
• I’m passionate about facing you forward towards your goals.
• I’m an expert at helping you step out of your past and into your future.


We’re covering SIX MODULES

1) Your Vision, Mission and WHY
2) Being Purposeful with Social Media and Building your Brand online. 
3) Master Your Mindset
4) Schedule for Success
5) Brilliant Balance
6) Make it Happen - Move to Action


This includes:
6 Live Modules
6 Workbooks
Private Facebook Group
One 60 mINUTE - 1:1 session with Els
One 60 MINUTE - 1:1 Session with Social Media Whiz Social Maggie (who was instrumental in me finally working out my Instagram Feed and Strategy!)
Lifetime Access to All Materials.


On-boarding for the programme starts February 19th 2018

Your investment: $3000 USD
Deposit of $1500
Four remaining payments of $500

Frequent Q&A

Do you offer refunds? 

I don’t offer refunds on this programme. I know how incredibly powerful this programme is and if you actively participate and complete all of the work and workbooks, I know that you will get brilliant, tangible results in your life and business. 


How do the live calls and work-books combine?

There is a monthly Facebook Live call with me. This is recorded, so that if you miss the call you’ll be able to watch it back, and/or (as I like to do) you want to watch something more than once, you’ll have the recording. The call will be scheduled so that you’ll have notice as to when it’s happening in advance so that you can get it in your schedule. If you chose to attend live, the benefit of that is that you’ll get your questions answered there and then. The workbook will either be available for you before the calls, or shortly after. 

What if I have questions or things that I’m stuck on - are you able to offer 1:1 support with this?

You have a complimentary 60 minute session available with me that you can take at any time throughout the programme.
I’m also going to open up the last 15 minutes of the call for anything anyone has specific questions on that they’d like me to answer. 
If lots of you want a call on a particular topic, I can potentially create that, and I’ll be popping into the Facebook group on a regular basis to help with anything I can too.


Will this programme help me make money?

There is no guarantee in any programme you join that you’ll be making more money than you were when you started! However, I’m teaching you a process that I use in my business and that has made a massive difference to me. This programme helps you tailor your life and business to what works for you - rather than dictates an exact step by step guide for you to follow, and you personalise it to your way of working and preferences. Its also heavily focused on helping you come from a place of simplicity and joy in creating, rather than force and pressure. 


If I want to work with you 1:1 is this possible too?

Absolutely! I have a program: Rock Your World and Soul which is my 1:1 programme. This is a higher investment than my Mastermind as I only work with a very select amount of people in 1:1,  but if you’d like more information on this then let me know and I can send it over to you. 

Your investment

Your investment: $3000 USD
Deposit of $1500
Four remaining payments of $500


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