You have a real sense of wanting a change, whether that’s personally or professionally. 

You feel frustrated and confused and tired of being stuck in ‘this place.’

You’ve tried to work through this yourself, have a stack of personal development books and magazines by your bed and in your office and you’re getting nowhere. 

You want someone to help you channel a path, with some clear next steps so that you feel like you’re making progress. 

You want a plan and a vision to work with that feels like it’s right for you and that has not been created by or inflicted on you by someone else. 



You’re at the start of what feels like it’s going to be an epic journey.

You’ve been wandering around for a while in what feels like a fog trying to work out what to do next. 

You have moments of real clarity when you’re sure about which way to go, and then the next day you wake up and feel like you have to start all over again. 

Without a clear vision as to what success looks like to you - it’s like wandering down a path with no map. 



This is not just about buy the course, download the course, get halfway through and not action any of it. 

This is not going to stay in your inbox never touched. 

This is about personally creating your future, WITH both self study and personal support as and when you need it.

You have the option to join my Facebook community where I continue to offer encouragement and guidance to other people just like you.

You also have the option to book follow up one to one sessions with me if you want some more personalised help and support. 

I want this to be a SUPER useful course for you, that helps you make the change you want. I value your feedback so I can continue to tailor these programmes to be as useful as possible. 


I am certified Soul & Strategy Coach - and EVERY, single programme I teach comes from personally experiencing a block, in this case, a real lack of clarity and vision both personally and professionally and a serious case of ‘being stuck.’ The programmes I create include the tools and techniques I actually used to overcome the block or thing that was holding me back, and move past them to action and my next steps. 

My soulmate client often has a background in corporate business, but are naturally creative souls that aspire to more than the daily grind of a 9-5. 

They tend to be independent, free spirited, high achievers, who have been stifling their dreams and goals for years as they've been stuck in convention.

They’re women who are a little bit different, people focused, hard working, multi-juggling, positive, upbeat and enthusiastic...but a little bit stuck as to what to do next. 

I help you build genuine and authentic lives and businesses that enable you to pursue YOUR passion and purpose…and nobody else’s. 

I welcome and attract fun, upbeat, smart, kind, high vibe women with specific goals that they want to reach…



You will have a really clear picture of the areas of your life you want to work on and have set clear priorities as to which area/s to tackle first.

  • You will have created a vision for your personal and professional life, 

  • You will have learnt tips, tricks and techniques that you can use forever whenever you need to create or revise a vision for any area of your life.

  • You’ll have a clear plan for your next steps so that you stay accountable and be able to start making this dream a reality. 



  1. Six, Self Paced, Self Study Modules.

  2. Lifetime Access to the Materials.

  3. Access to my Private Facebook Group: Create Your Awesome, Powerful Purpose.

  4. Access to a follow up, 60 min One to One Session at a Priority Price.